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Appears on:

Life & Music

"Life & Music: All of It." Debut Album (FMG, 2008)

Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder)

"Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder) *Single* (FMG, 2021)

Life & Music (New, Original Version)

Life & Music (Single) *Original Version* 14th Anniversary Release (FMG, 2022)


"theShedding" *Album* (2014, FMG)

One of Them Good Girls (Single)

"One of Them Good Girls" *Single* (2010, FMG)

I'll Take Care of You

DiaRGi feat. Rogiérs *Single* (FMG, 2021)

Heart's A Mess (Single)

"Heart's A Mess" (Deluxe Single) (FMG, 2018)

Live at Artte (Single)

Live at Artte (Barcelona) *Single* (FMG, 2017)

Messed Up On Love (Single)

"Messed Up On Love" (Single) (FMG, 2014)

The Remix Reject

"The Remix/Reject" *Deluxe Edition Album* (FMG, 2009)


From "The Untitled Collection, Vol. 1" (Single) (FMG, 2013)

Untitled Collection Vol. 1

"The Untitled Collection, Vol. 1" (EP) *Free Download* (FMG, 2013)

New Untitled Collection Cover

"The Untitled Collection Vol. II" (FMG, 2018) *Free Download*

Don't Be Like ME

*Coming Soon* (Compressed Soul, 2022)

Another Lover (Single)

"Another Lover" (Tony Records 2014)

Again (Remix)

"Again" Sine Qua Non Remix (DJ Tee Cardaci, 2015)

Milano Fashion Week 2020

Milano Fashion Week 2020-Deep House Chill Selection (Pyramide, 2020)

THIS! ADE 2019 Edition

(Viva Recordings, 2019)

My Life at 33

"Theme for a Latter Day Lothario" (Lost Idol Remixes) (GPS, 2008)

The Best of Deep House

Various Artists Compilation (Viva Recordings, 2020)

Feel Free South African Remixes

"Feel Free" (South African Remixes) (Viva Recordings, 2018)

The Jazz House Independent vol. 9

Various Artists Compilation (Irma Records, 2021)

Message to Your People (Pt. II)

Remix Collaboration (Grin Music, 2016) Producers: Demarkus Lewis, Wally Callerio, Jonn Hawley, Dominox Latte

Nu Urban Jazz vol.3

Compilation: Various Artists (Irma Records, 2021)

DJ Claudio Hurston - SELECTIONS

Various Artists Compilation (Tony Records, 2021)

Astral 22 Presents: IMPERIAL

Compilation (2009, Trans Phatt Records) *Featuring Rogiérs on "The Reason"

Acid Andy Returns

Various Artists Compilation (Peng UK, 2021)

Urban Soul vol. 2

Various Artists Compilation (Irma Dancefloor, 2020)

Alex Bugnon "Soul Purpose"

Rogiérs on "Around 12:15AM" & "I Can't Get You Out of My Mind" (Narada Jazz, 2001)

20 Years of Peng

Various Artists Compilation (Peng, 2019)

Beautiful Fire

Joseph Webb Album Debut (2008, Nowhere Folk, Inc.) "Love Is Love"

VA - Supperclub Adrenalin - Mixed By Ikon (2CD) (2009)

"Theme for a Latter Day Lothario" (2009) (United Recordings, 2009)

Hollywood Story (Single)

"Hollywood Story" (Stilnovo Remixes) (Stilnovo, 2009)

Riding with the Ratman (Single)

Appears on "Theme for a Latter Day Lothario", 1st Single (GPS, 2006)

Open Source Love

Rogiérs appears on "Unravelling" (2015, Trans Phatt Records)

The Rurals: Vibrational Affections

Rogiérs & The Rurals collaborate on "Restore" in this compilation. (Peng, 2019)

Mind Evolution (Single)

Collaboration with saxophonist Chris Reinhardt (Chis Reinhardt Music, Astral 22, 2011 )

One More Day (Single)

Collaboration with The Rurals/Andy Compton (2015, Peng)

Opolopo "Mutants" Vol. 2

Opolopo "Mutants" Vol. 2 (Tokyo Dawn Records, 2014)

Message To Your People (Single)

Collaboration with Demarkus Lewis (Grin Music, 2013)

Last Night in Jozi (EP)

Collaboration with The Rurals/Andy Compton/Charlie Hearnshaw (Peng, 2015)

Various Artists: Miami Uncuts 2014

Compilation featuring "Another Lover" (TR Records, 2014)

Miami Uncuts 2017

Compilation (House Music) Rogiérs appears on "What Ya Doing" (TR Records, 2017)

Soul Cycle: Flipped

Jazz-Fusion group features Rogiérs on Andre3000 cover, "Prototype". (Soul Cycle Music, 2010)

Get Free

"Get Free" (Single) (2019, Irma Records)

Hollywood Story (Leech & Maxime Cescau Remix)

Remix appears on dance compilation "Ibiza 2012: Soundz of the Deep" (Soundzrise, 2012)

The Rurals featuring Rogiérs: Sunnyside Remixes

The Rurals (UK) and Rogiérs collaborate on this remix release. (Peng, 2017)

Stilnovo Sessions, Vol. 1

Compilation featuring "Whatever (Rurals Jazzy Remix). (Stilnovo Music, 2011)

Feel Free (Single)

Andy Compton & Rogiérs collaboration. (Viva Recordings, 2017)

Use the Third Eye

"Echoes in My Heart" (Peng, 2016)

Soul Cycle: Mosaic

Jazz-Fusion group featuring Rogiérs on "Simply Beautiful (Al Green) & "Blue in Green" (Miles Davis). (Soul Cycle Music, 2009)

Quality Time Promo Album

Promotional Album (2010, Netherlands)

DJ Myxzlplix: Strictly Social, Vol. 4

Artist Compilation (2010)

Creative Collaborations (EP)

"What ya Doin" Remix collaboration w/Andy Compton (The Rurals), Charlie Hearnshaw, Craig da Sousa. (TR Records, 2017)

Soul Parlor: Smile

Soul Parlor collaboration with Rogiérs on "Walk with Me". (Tokyo Dawn Records, 2015)

Miami Uncuts 2015

House music compilation featuring "Another Lover" remix by Scientists of Sound. (TR Records, 2015)

Platinum Pied Pipers: Triple P

Featuring "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover" by Rogiérs. (Ubiquity Records, 2005)

Dr. Rubberfunk: My Life at 33

Rogiérs appears on "Theme for a Latter-day Lothario" (GPS, 2006)


Collaboration w/Andy Compton (The Rurals-UK). (Peng, 2015)

Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle: Homebrew

Jazz-fusion group featuring Rogiérs on"Imagine". (2011)

Acid Andy EP

Acid Andy EP (Peng, 2017)

Applejac Presents: Playin' Favorites

Compilation featuring Rogiérs on "The Long and Winding Road". (2011)

Again (Single)

Evan Bourgeois Lasry & Rogiérs collaborate on "Again". (Free download courtesy of NPR, 2012)

Ray Chew and the Crew

"How Can I?", "Promise Me" (Chau Records, 2002)

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